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Mummery and Mummery specialise in all types of new roof installation

All Roof Types

Mummery and Mummery specialise in all types of new roof installation and do so with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having completed thousands of new roof installs across Hertfordshire, North London and the home counties.

Supply & Install

From project inception to full supply and installation, our highly trained team take the pain and complication out of roofing. Through the highest quality workmanship, Mummery and Mummery roofers deliver complete peace of mind that your new roof will stand you in good stead for many decades to come.

Domestic & Commercial

Our team undertake both residential and commercial roofing projects including whole new roofs, alterations, repairs, strengthening and complete overhauls, so if you are looking for new roof installation please get in touch with us today to arrange your full inspection and competitive quote.

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Looking for a new roof? We make roofing easy.

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking for a new roof, whether it’s to complete an extension on your home or to replace an ageing or damage existing roof. Mummery and Mummery have been making roof installation an easy, pain-free process for over 60 years, taking the stress out of having work done on your home. A new roof can provide a wealth of benefits including:

  • Prevent adverse weather affecting your home
  • Reduce the risk of costly leaks
  • Improve energy efficiency in your home
  • Improve the aesthetic quality of your home
  • Improve structural integrity of your home
  • Increase your home’s market value
  • Maintain your home insurance requirements
  • Reduce risk of falling debris

Installing new roofs across North London and the South East

Mummery and Mummery Ltd work across North London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex and the surrounding areas. If you need a fast quote for a new roof or for any roofing requirement for that matter, get in touch with us today and a member of our team will arrange a time and date to visit, convenient to you.
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Common New Roof Materials

Asphalt Roofing
Asphalt Shingle Composite
Slate Roofing
Tiled Roofing
Shingle Roofing
Metal Roofing

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If you’re looking for an experienced roofer with many years experience delivering high quality new roofing then we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a question about a new roof, repairs to an existing roof or advice on all things roofing then call us today on 0800 689 5174 and speak to one of Mummery and Mummery’s expert roofers. Alternatively visit our contact page and send us a message.

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New Roof Installs FAQ

Why would I need a new roof?

There’s a number of reasons why you might need a new roof. The most common need is to replace an old or damaged roof but you may have just had a new extension built that needs a new roof or you might be building a new home altogether.

If my roof is damaged does that mean I need a new roof?

No – not at all. Very often a damaged roof can be repaired in such a way that only the affected areas need attention. Our team are highly trained and experienced in repairs, so where possible we will always aim to save you money by repairing your roof instead of replacing it completely.

What is the best time of year to have a new roof installed?

There are advantages in having a roof installed at certain times of the year. It is considered that the autumn months from September through to November are often the best time. The summer heat has dissipated, and the inclement winter weather has yet to arrive. This does however mean that availability of roofers can be limited during these months, so some might argue that spring is a better time of year. Spring also can offer similarly mild temperatures for roofers to operate in. Winter is often discarded due to the expected rainfall and colder weather, but you may find increased availability during these periods.

In short, there’s no ‘best time of year’ to have a new roof installed. The best time of year to have a new roof installed on your property is simply when you need one. If in doubt as to the condition of your roof please call us for a free no obligation quote, as making repairs to your roof without delay can prevent a more costly repair at a later date.

How long should a new roof last?

A new roof, providing it is well maintained and structurally sound should last an absolute minimum of 20-25 years. Of course, things can happen, and extreme weather conditions can cause damage. However, providing high quality materials and excellent workmanship went into your new roof then there is no reason why your new roof can’t last 50 years or longer. In fact, some of the roofs that Mummery and Mummery installed back in the 1960’s are still very much in top condition and ready to tackle the next 60 years.

How long does a new roof take to install?

There’s no set answer for how long a new roof takes to put onto a house but generally a new roof can be installed in as little as 1 or 2 days depending on the size and scale of the job. Larger roofs of course can take a week or longer depending on requirements and additional time might be considered for should an existing roof need to be removed first. In most instances though, you can rest assured that your home will be fully covered and protected within a week.

How do I know for sure if I need a new roof?

There are some tale-tell signs that you might need a new roof. The most obvious one is the sign of a leak into your loft or worse, into your home’s living space. You should check your loft regularly to ensure it is dry throughout. Similarly, if you can spot light pollution entering your loft or home, then there is likely a crack or opening that needs addressing quickly before water enters the property, or the structural integrity of the roof is compromised.

Sometimes you may notice that your roof is ‘sagging’ from the inside. Sagging is a sign that the internal bracing has started to degrade or the rafters/trusses that have carried a heavy a load for many years may need replacing. For whatever reason your roof may be ‘sagging’ don’t delay calling a roofer to inspect your roof and prevent water damage or worse, a collapsed roof.

How much does a new roof cost?

Just about every roof is different to the last. Whilst we’d love to be able to provide set pricing this is all but impossible. Roofs can vary greatly in a number of ways including size, material and type of roof for example hip, gable, flat etc. Any remedial works necessary will have to factored in. A small flat roof on a 3 square metre extension is a totally different job to a hip roof for an entire house. Getting a clear, no obligation quote on a new roof is easy though – just get in touch with us and a member of our team will arrange a new roof inspection at a time and date convenient to you.