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Mummery and Mummery are trained lead work specialists, we pride ourselves on the highest quality workmanship, together with competitive prices.

We have over 60 years experience in our field and are able to provide all aspects of lead work including lead flashing, lead cladding and lead capping. We can install flat sheet lead roofing and lead valley guttering. Installation and repairs of chimney lead apron

Our installations will give you peace of mind that is guaranteed for years.

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Providing extensive roofing services across the South East.

Mummery and Mummery Ltd work across North London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex and the surrounding areas. If you need a fast quote for a new roof or any other roofing requirement for that matter, get in touch with us today and a member of our team will arrange a time and date to visit, convenient to you.
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Lead Work FAQ

What is lead work?

Lead work or flashing has been used for centuries to seal joints and gaps between two surfaces. the process is called flashing.

Flashing is critical to certain parts of your roof. The join where the roof meets the walls. The point where two roof slopes meet. Around skylights and vents and along the roof edges around the eaves.

Why do I need lead work?

Lead work flashing provides a barrier between your roof and brickwork. It is essential that your lead work is sound as nobody want leaks to damage their property. Older properties may need some attention to their lead work. Although good lead work can last many decades.

Is lead work a danger to health?

Although lead is a highly toxic metal that can lead to health issues essentially it is only a danger when touching lead or breathing in particles when working with it. With lead roofing being so high above you the risk is virtually non existent. It is still the best product to use.