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Property is an expensive commodity, and your garage is of course part of that, therefore as with your house roof it is important that your garage roof is sound, leak free and safe. Mummery and Mummery have fitted and repaired garage roofs for over 60 years and we know what we are doing.

Garage Roof Installs & Repairs

We can either fit a completely new roof or possibly repair an existing one. Our team are trained to the highest standard and as a company we use the best products available on the market. We want our customers to have complete confidence and know that when completed a new garage roof will last for decades.

Domestic & Commercial

We can supply and fit both domestic and commercial garage roofs, we are able to inspect your garage roof and advise you of the options open to you. Please get in touch with us to get a no obligation inspection and competitive quote.

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What are the benefits of a new garage roof?

There may be several reasons as to why you may be considering either replacing of repairing your garage roof. It may be something that has been on your list for some time as other things within your home may take precedence. We at Mummery and Mummery are happy to advise you of the many options you may have to either replace or update your garage roof in order to make it fit for purpose. A new garage roof has countless benefits including:
  • Preventing adverse weather affecting anything stored in your garage
  • Reducing the risk of costly leaks
  • Improving the aesthetics of your garage
  • Improving the structural integrity of your garage
  • Improving the security of your garage
  • Reduce the risk of falling debris
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your garage
  • Possibly making your garage a useable extra room as an extension to your house
  • Making your garage a dry and safe place for extra home storage

Installing new garage roofs across North London and the Home Counties

We at Mummery and Mummery serve a comprehensive area of the South East, including North London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we will arrange for one of our knowledgeable, professional and friendly expert surveyors to visit you, who will inspect your roof and advise and provide a quote for you on all available options.
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Garage Roofs FAQ

Why do I need a new garage roof?

There are several reasons you may need a new garage roof. The most common reason is an old roof that is obviously leaking. Another reason is that you have beautiful house, and your garage is letting it down. Perhaps it needs to be made more aesthetically harmonious with your home.

Another reason you may need to replace a garage roof is that it contains asbestos. Older garages often contain asbestos which as we know is detrimental to health. If an asbestos garage roof is failing structurally, it is important to have this inspected with a view to possible replacement.

How much does it cost to replace a garage roof?

If is difficult to say how much a new garage roof costs for a number of reasons. Firstly there is a huge variety of different garage roof coverings. The most common type of roofing cover for garages is felting, this is easy to maintain and repair and is strong and durable. It is the most affordable roof covering for a garage. It may be that you just need a repair as opposed to a full replacement.

How to tell if a garage contains asbestos?

It is extremely difficult to tell if a garage roof contains asbestos just by looking at it, the only real way to establish this is by either sending a sample off to a lab or getting a professional in to inspect it. There is no need to panic if there is asbestos present as we work with specialist asbestos removers, who carry out this work safely and with care to give you and your family peace of mind. As a householder or business owner it is never advisable to try to remove asbestos yourself, it can be extremely dangerous to your health if not handled correctly. Asbestos also must be collected and disposed of by a specialised authorised asbestos waste contractor.

How long will a new garage roof last?

A new felt garage roof can last 30 years or more, it may need maintenance from time to time but not until after many years. It is easily possible to repair a felt roof without replacing the whole roof. Mummery and Mummery will happily inspect the roof and explain the options open to you for repair or replacement.