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Drone Roof Survey

Drone Roof Inspection

Drone Roof Surveys

Drone Roof Surveys and Inspections for a clearer picture of your roof health

Fast & Easy Access

Thanks to Mummery and Mummery Drone Roof Inspections, getting a clear and comprehensive picture of your roof’s condition and any potential problems has never been quicker or easier. Our professional drones and experienced pilots can quickly access areas of your roof that would have traditionally required access using ladders or scaffolding.

Detailed Imaging and Reports

Such is the quality of the imaging and the ease of deployment, our state-of-the-art drones can gather live, high-definition imaging of your entire roof within a matter of minutes. This allows our roofing experts to quickly spot and analyse issues. Our findings can then be compiled into a full drone roof survey along with high-resolution images, giving you a clearer picture of required repairs.

Indentify Problems Early

By opting for a drone roof survey, our roofing experts can clearly review every inch of your roof and closely inspect for potential damage or issues that may arise in future. Upon completion, our roofers can provide you with an accurate and detailed estimate for any suggested works or roofing repairs.

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What are the benefits of a drone roof inspection?

A drone roof inspection is a quick and easy way to identify potential problems with your property's roof and get a clear idea of its overall health. Traditionally, to inspect a roof, someone would have to physically get onto the roof to take a closer look and then report the issues to you afterwards. Thankfully, a drone roof survey, or inspection, allows us to quickly image problem areas and share with you the details with supporting evidence of any issues or potential roofing repair work that needs to be carried out.
  • Fast and effective problem-solving
  • Easily deployed within a matter of minutes
  • Allows for comprehensive reporting with supporting images
  • Grants access to hard to reach areas of your roof
  • High-resolution photos and videos as required
  • Can be deployed in almost any location (see FAQ below)
  • Spot unseen roof damage or potential issues early
  • Ideal for insurance purposes following roof damage
  • Images can be sent digitally post-survey

Drone Roof Surveys in Edgware, Watford, Hertfordshire and beyond

Mummery & Mummery have teams that cover a large area of the South East, including North London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. If you would like to book a drone roof inspection, please call us on 0800 689 5174. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote free of charge.

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Drone Roof Inspection FAQ

Why might I need a survey or New Flat Roof?

The most common reason for needing a new flat roof is the fact it may be leaking and affecting the inside of your home.

Another reason you may want your roof inspected is that you are intending to put your house on the market. Flat roofs that are either not properly installed or need replacing are always an issue when it comes to selling your property.

If a flat roof is in need of repair, it can easily be compromised by adverse weather conditions. If you were to try to claim on your insurance, it is possible an insurance assessor could point out that the roof needed repair and therefore would consider lack of maintenance to be wear and tear which may invalidate your claim.

A survey could point out small repairs required which may prevent a costly repair in the future.

Will Home Insurance cover a new Flat Roof?

In a few cases roof repairs are covered by your insurance. This however is rare and usually only happens if the roof is new or in excellent condition. Alternatively, it may be covered if it is accidentally damaged for example by a falling tree.

Why is there moss, algae and weeds growing on my flat roof?

It could mean there is a build up of water on the surface and the drainage may be blocked with debris, your roofing specialist can deal with this.

There are pools of water on my flat roof. Is this a concern?

Infrequent pooling of water on a flat roof is nothing to worry about, particularly during periods of heavy rain. However, if you notice the flat roof begins to sag causing water to stand for prolonged periods then the timbers may have been compromised and this should be looked at straight away to prevent potential leaking or further erosion of the roof structure.

Will a new flat roof help insulate my property?

A new flat roof will be a welcome addition to saving energy. Insulation in newer roofs is superior to older ones. The insulation will help retain the heat in winter and keep the interior cool in summer. Better insulation will also assist in reducing condensation.